Closed Chain of Refrigeration

eiswürfel wien icemakerIn order to guarantee the high quality of our Icemaker ice cubes, a closed chain of refrigeration is a necessity! Our products are manufactured under strict conditions, proper supervision and with the best Austrian spring water and are immediately packaged and frozen in sturdy PE bags. Your requested order will be transported as soon as possible in our Icemaker vehicles and delivered to your location. We gladly store the ice cubes in our refrigerators or Icemaker freezers which you can rent for 50€ per day. Because of the closed chain of refrigeration the ice cubes do not form chunks so that they are always ready for use.

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icemaker Ice Cubes Vienna

Whatever the occasion, if there are drinks, the best ice cubes should not be absent! Order via e-mail, phone or on our online shop and we deliver ice cubes and crushed ice to you in the requested amount, with the best price and highest quality.

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